Go Natural With Your Makeup And Save Your Skin

Mineral makeup has been making big headlines over the past few years but many of us dont even know what it is. Well, according to an quick internet search, "Mineral makeup uses powdered minerals like talc, mica and titanium dioxide to make skin look younger and smoother. Because these minerals are undiluted by other artificial ingredients, mineral makeup can be used even on extremely sensitive skin. Truly pure mineral makeups use only mineral substances that are found in nature; even the color is derived from natural minerals."

This is important to keep in mind when reading labels (yes, we need to get in the habit of reading labels of makeup products to protect our skin), "Because of extremely good advertising, it is easy to believe that anything labeled "mineral makeup" will help improve your looks and skin. However, many makeup products are currently being marketed as mineral makeup simply because they contain minerals like talc or bismuth.

Talc has been a staple of nearly all forms of makeup for years, and bismuth is not a natural mineral but rather a human-made one. If your mineral makeup contains either talc or bismuth, but no other minerals like zinc, zinc oxide, titanium dioxide or mica, your makeup is probably just traditional makeup in new packaging." So, there are many benefits of mineral makeup, "Mineral makeup has a wide array of health benefits. It is an anti-inflammatory agent and may ease acne outbreaks and other skin irritations. Mineral makeup is very difficult to detect when applied as a powder, and can make your skin look both natural and blemish-free.

Minerals like mica reflect light which helps hide wrinkles, while zinc blocks the sun with an SPF equivalent of 15. "One of the most popular "rumors" about mineral makeup is that sleeping in it is better for your skin than if sleeping with with no makeup on at all. While mineral makeup can help clear up skin irritations, you should never sleep in any makeup without first consulting your dermatologist. Very few–if any–licensed professionals will actually recommend that you wear makeup to bed." There is a warning about this kind of makeup, though, "Some mineral makeups contain extremely finely ground versions of minerals. While the manufacturers may promote this quality as a good one, there is some preliminary research that indicates that extremely fine powders of some minerals can actually be carcinogenic because they can enter your system via pores in your face. This research is not conclusive, but it is disturbing. Generally, it is best to avoid the "groundbreaking" ultrafine powders that boast "nanoparticles" in their ingredients."

According to Algovital Angel, "One downside to using beauty products that are filled with chemical ingredients is that their scent is covered up with other artificial fragrances that can cause headaches at times. Natural beauty products make use of essential oils as their fragrance which can be soothing to the senses especially to your sense of smell." So, using mineral makeup that is not scented is also a plus!