Why Do You Need An Automatic Pool Cover?

Lots of individuals have above ground pools and inground pools with no covers, but this isn't always the best idea. For those who have a pool, you want to cover it up to stop debris from cluttering clean filters and water. The automatic pool covers is made for both aboveground and inground pools.

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Theses cover function more than 1 purpose, and not just help keep debris out of the pool, but to also keep unwanted guests out of getting in water when nobody is around.

Safety Reasons

In terms of security, the automatic pool covers will dissuade little kids from climbing up the ladder and into the pool. If you reside in a town and have an in ground pool you're required to have a fence around the pool area. However, in case you have an above ground pool, you're not required to follow these measures.

This is the reason a pool cover can make your pool safer for the area though. In case you have little children in the area, the ideal type of pool cover to possess is your frame pool cover. This pool cover includes a 13-inch overhang, making it durable and powerful if a child would attempt to leap onto it. However, the simple pool cover wouldn't be as great at keeping small children away.