Do Ozone Generators for Pools Work

Pools are a great thing to have. They can be a place of social outings, relaxation, or simply a place to get some exercise. Any way you look at it, it’s a place that you can do a lot of things. Unfortunately, having a pool also means extra responsibilities to keep it clean and maintained.

If you don’t, you could be looking at a lot of trouble in sight, smell, and even health. A dirty pool means there are a lot of germs that become airborne, as well as disease-carrying bugs like mosquitos. Chlorine is a good way to get rid of these things, but then you have to deal with chemicals that give off their own smells.

A good way to keep your water clean and practically odorless is at

While ozone may not fully replace the use of chlorine, it will most certainly cause a cut down on the use of it. Ozone pumped through the water will latch onto microbes and other tiny particles and change them with their charged particle.

They don’t want that third oxygen atom, so they try their best to become normal 2-atom oxygen molecules. This kills many microbes that try to grow in your pool, including things like algae and bacteria. It won’t damage you, though, since you can’t breathe it in.