Best Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets are a tough thing to buy. If you toss and turn, fitted sheets can stretch out and end up coming off your bed night after night. There are ways to prevent this, tools you can use even. The best start is buying quality sheets with a high thread count and sturdy elastic at the edge. The quality of your sheets can prevent most problems caused by ill fitting or thin sheets.

When you start with quality, you have to begin with Egyptian cotton, the most coveted of all cottons. Then you have to make sure you’re buying from a trusted brand. The next step is taking care of your sheets. Line drying will keep sheets longer, though a good sheet set will stand up to a heavy dryer. Consider investing in some sheet garters as well. These clips look like a cross between a garter and a bolero tie, clipping to the corners of your sheets and keeping them on the mattress.

Select ones with sturdy but gentle clips, and it will keep the elastic at the edges of your sheets from getting stressed or worn out. While Egyptian cotton will last forever, elastic does not, so take care of your fitted sheets in a special way.