How Is Buprenorphine Measured On A Drug Test?

When studying for buprenorphine on a urine drug test, the end result is generally reported as ng/mL (nanograms per milliliter). This is simply a statement of the amount of buprenorphine (ng) per milliliter of the test sample (ml).


While tests differ in their sensitivity, a positive outcome typically is reported when the concentration is over 5ng/ml… although a few tests are less sensitive at 10ng/ml. You can also buy buprenorphine urine drug testing kit from various web sources.

Tests for buprenorphine have to be ordered specifically, as it's usually not included on a routine opioid test. Concerning utilizing a substitute for subvert a drug test, it's been done before but clearly not condoned.

Not only will your drug test show a high concentration which most likely will be noticeably false, but it could also taint additional drug evaluations as the instruments used in the procedure can become tainted.

Lastly, if the test you're taking can also be testing for norbuprenorphine, using a replacement will indicate you're trying to cheat the test. Norbuprenorphine is metabolized in our own bodies FROM buprenorphine.

If your test shows positive for only buprenorphine and not norbuprenorphine as well, that will indicate you are simply adding buprenorphine into the pee instead of actually ingesting the drug.