What Should I Pay for Mulberry Silk Sheets

Most average people that buy bed sheets will spend anywhere from 50 bucks, which is really considered a basic set of cheaper sheets, on up to about 100 bucks for a little better quality sheet made from cotton or maybe microfiber. When you want to get into a much better quality sheet set, you are going to spend more, much more.

Buying the best quality in a silk sheet set will mean investing in mulberry silk. It is absolutely the bed silk available for sheets and many other items. Mulberry silk is considered the best because the silk worms that make it are only fed mulberry leaves. Mulberry silk is largely produced in China and has been for many, many years. China is considered to be the leading authority in producing mulberry silk.

When it comes to how much an authentic, 100% mulberry sheet set will cost you, well, it won't be cheap. The average cost can range anywhere from $200 dollars and up depending on the size the sheets need to be for your bed. Some sell for as much as $500 to $600 hundred a set.

When shopping around for my mulberry sheet set, I visited a few sites including http://bedspace.net/. I saw many different brands that offered mulberry silk in different weaves. It wasn't easy making up my mind which set I loved the most, but I felt like I had made a very informed choice and was extremely happy with the purchase I made in the end.