Choose the Right Tent For Family Camping And Festivals

With so many fantastic tents now available it can be confusing and difficult to pick the best one. I hope to describe the differences between them to let you make the ideal option. After all, when you’re on a camping vacation your tent is the most important piece of gear you’ll take with you – it is where you eat, sleep and store your equipment.

I’ll begin with Khyam. Their tents are available in all sizes and shapes. They give tents for summer camping to enormous family tents which would house the Waltons quite happily! The Motordome range is excellent if you’ve got a camper van and would like to make more space.

The several tents available from US Military Tents group in the following categories: family camping, summer camping, Motordome, utility and not forgetting the critical accessories. US Surplus Tents provide their unique Quick Erect range that may be erected in a matter of seconds (for the smaller tents) with their Rapidex(R) Pole System. Get more information about surplus tents via

surplus tents

So in case, you wish to get out and explore, spending time pitching these tents will be ideal. The Quick Erect range comprises family/group tents, caravan/motor caravan tents, utility tents, backpacking/cycling tents, and festival tents.

This range is composed of Flexi-Dome tents and Ridge-Dome tents. Flexi-Dome will be the smaller ones as well as the Ridge-Dome, being larger, have the further advantage of the flexible backyard and porch poles. The Rapidex(R) Pole System is powerful and dependable. Poles lock into place for stability.

Khyam’s rod and sleeve tents use high quality galvanized steel rod joining ferrules. The poles are color coded for easy pitching and they’ve reinforced pegging and man points for durability. US Military Tents pole and sleeve range are composed of mainly large family tents, sleeping up to ten people.