Eating Disorders Effects and Symptoms

Today many individuals around the globe suffer from psychological illnesses. Studies shows that eating disorders contribute to the most number of deaths caused by such psychological disorders.

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Therefore any ingestion syndrome is serious, in fact dangerous. Whether its bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa, night eating disorder, PICA, binge eating or whatever else, it must be taken seriously and treated so that the patient can lead a normal life.

Nevertheless, the diagnosis and treatment of an unnatural eating pattern isn't easy. Sometimes many patients die as they do not get treatment at the right moment. Also the majority of the times a lot of people or their family members remain unaware of the disorder.

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So it's crucial for all of us to understand the usual effects and symptoms of this disorder.


Since there are several eating disorders, you will find quite a few symptoms. The symptoms vary from 1 syndrome to another. You must be aware of the common indications of these illnesses.

If an individual starves so that they can be slim when they have healthy body, then they have anorexia nervosa. Irregular periods Fatigue, fragile nails, , growth of lanugo, etc are several common indications.

In case a person swings between binging and purging, that is eating heavy meals and then vomiting, utilizing laxative or over exercising, then they may be suffering from bulimia nervosa.