Reasons Of Painful Urination In Women

Painful urination can also be known by the medical term of dysuria. It may affect both women and men, but it is prevalent in girls, particularly at reproductive growth.

Some women even experience it often due to recurrent infections. You can buy best ultra-comfortable women’s standing urination device to avoid infection.

There are a number of causes of painful urination in women and a number of them are of contagious character, while some are not.

Urinary tract infections and bladder ailments are among the most common infectious causes of painful urination in women.

Occasionally there are additional symptoms such as burning sensation when urinating, urgency to visit the toilet, bladder stress and blood in the urine.

This is a really serious illness that has to be dealt with immediately. Not just diseases of the urinary tract are responsible for pain during menopause, but in addition infections of the reproductive system.

E. coli bacteria are frequently the cause of ailments that result in painful urination. Some girls also accuse pain when urinating after getting physically involved. Ladies reaching the menopause era may be faced with dryness, due to low estrogen levels.

The dryness doesn't affect just the private area, but in addition the urethras and may cause painful urination. In rare instances the problem is brought on by cancer or by other health conditions, like warts which use pressure on the bladder.