Garage Building Plans – Why Would You Need Them When You Are Not Building Your Own Garage?

Building your own garage is not something that the average homeowner would consider doing. However, whether you decide to do this yourself or get a local contractor to do it, you will need a good set of garage building plans.

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If you are not building the garage yourself, the idea here is to project manage the build of your garage and contract out what you cannot do. This means starting with a good set of plans, purchasing the required materials and hardware and getting some labor only quotes from several builders.

The downside of today's economy is that work is hard to find and the building industry, in particular, takes a knock and slows down significantly at times like this. The upside is that contractors, framers and construction workers would be willing to take on any kind of work that they can get.

You can use the material list that comes with a good set of plans, and get a quote from the local lumberyards and go with the cheapest option. You may also get quotes on the timber being precut, and compare it to the approximate time it would take a contractor to cut, and save money there too.

Normally, they would source the materials themselves and mark them up, before passing the cost onto the customer, and many contractors would not consider labor only quote. In those circumstances, the contractors would get the materials at trade, but for a project like this, you should be able to negotiate some trade rates with the lumber yard yourself and save substantial money in exchange for a little extra time.