Keeping Coyotes Under Control

Most species of wildlife that become a nuisance to residential areas are simply trapped or killed for removal, but this method is ineffective for controlling coyote populations.

Studies have shown that coyotes actually change their reproduction habits to produce larger litters at a younger age to counteract such aggressive methods of control. You can visit to know more about animal trapping.

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It is more effective to take preventative actions and avoid attracting them in the first place. They are mostly attracted to food scraps so it is important to keep all food items and trash tightly sealed in a trash can and to keep pet food inside.

They are also more likely to attack a pet when it is alone so owners should tend to their pets while they are outside and keep them on a leash.

Another way to avoid attracting coyotes to residential areas is to reinforce their fear of humans which appears to have faded. The act of reinforcing this fear is called hazing and it can be done in many ways from simply making loud noises to approaching them while wildly waving your arms. 

The resilience and growing numbers of the coyote population has caused them to intrude residential areas all over the Midwest.

The best methods for controlling them include hazing and preventative actions such as keeping all garbage and food items sealed in trash cans as well as tending to any pets when they are outside.