Going To Go Look For Painters

Because how else are we going to get the entire house fully colored by the time Summer rolls by? We cannot do it ourselves that is for sure. We have to hire people who actually do this for a living. Let them do what they are paid for, you now? And then we can just pay them if we have the money because we cannot really paint that on our own. We wonder if we should just hire the painters in Oregon.

They will probably do a better job than the ones we think that are out there. But we are not sure since we have never really hired painters before now. And since this is the first time we actually thought about renovating an entire house, this is also the first time we have to get a painter for everything to finally be finished and fall into place.

And once everything is all done and finished, we can finally take a break and relax in the new home that we bought and think about the next goal to have and finish. Is that not grey? Humans have a lot of wants and goals.

We have tones of things to want and they take time to have but once we achieve them, especially if it has been such a long time, it would be really satisfying. While we could say that greed is a bad thing to have for us humans and that every single one of us has this, it also helps us keep on going and living, right?

If we have nothing else to do and nothing else to live for, no more goals and things to want, we end up becoming lost and stagnant. Without anything to keep us pining and working, we tend to just fade away. So in other words, you could say that our greed keeps us alive no matter what.

All of the seven deadly sins that all us humans have are the reason why we even want to still be alive. Greed makes us want to do more. Lust makes u feel alive with desire. Wrath keeps us going and energetic.

Pride would make all of us want to show other people that we can still go on and stay it that way. Gluttony allows us to look forward to our next meal. Envy drives u to do more so we could have the other things other people have.

And then sloth is the one thing that actually allows us to sit back and enjoy life without having to worry about other people or all the stress. Is life not great after all after learning all of this? Sometimes we kind of determine other people for what kind of deadly sin is the greatest with them.

We know that ours is a sloth, for one ad that our mother is of greed. Our father is definitely wrath while the brother is of pride. Strange, is it not? To suddenly find this in other people and see them deny it, even when you see it with your own eyes.