Introduction of Cash Drawer

You have to admit, long ago is the days when sales in the store are done by the people behind the desk by writing products that are sold and prices in a notebook.

Accurate bookkeeping needs, detailed description of the company’s business, products sold and the amount of money earned.

Using a POS system has many benefits, because it allows a more accurate and precise business method, in selling products and services.

There are many types of systems available and it is up to you what kind of POS system you buy for your company.

If you already have a POS system, why not invest a little more money in a safer cash drawer (Also known as “ ลิ้นชักเงินสด ” in the Thai language).

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If you don’t want to run from one place to another to buy different equipment for your system, you can buy all POS modules (terminals and cash drawers) from the same supplier.

There are many types of POS cash drawers and most depend on the budget allocated for the type of POS cash drawer you buy.

Because you expect it to last for years, be sure to buy from a manufacturer who assures you that they have performed a reliability test.

Cash drawers must be very resistant so that they can withstand many open / close cycles (those used in large supermarkets must withstand thousands of open-close cycles).

The best cash drawers are made of steel or other metal alloys.