All about Real and Virtual Reality

It is human nature to want to experience and escape. From our imagination to medicine, people are always looking for ways to try what they usually don't have the chance to do.

With technological advances, new ways to do this are almost offered when the real and virtual worlds are becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish. To know more about virtual reality technology, you must click at

Most of us have now been fooled at some point in our lives by sounds and images originating from the virtual world. For example, we do things like voice mistakes; phones ring on TV for real phones and know we can't always distinguish computer-generated images from real ones.

Now, actual virtual reality devices are still relatively awkward for people to use. However, if the past is any judge, this device tends to increase at exponential speed and can be a type of science fiction outfit all over the body faster than we think.

Perhaps the most futuristic idea is to have a large number of nanorobots positioned in our brain to simulate virtual reality. Nanorobot will monitor and modify brain sensory information to create a virtual reality that is fully immersed.

If and when these things happen, one must seriously consider what reality is. At first glance, virtual reality looks different like a TV show from real life, but will it happen?

For example, when someone touches something, atoms (which are mostly empty spaces) actually don't touch. Our touch experience actually comes from a single electric sent to the brain.