Right Type of Pool Covers For You

Most new pool owners think that what they need to cover is thick plastic sheets, tarps or even some spare cloth. Technically anything you use to cover your pool can be considered a "pool cover."

The cover will prevent rubbish debris and help prevent unsuspecting backyard visitors. This does not mean that all the pool covers are the same. There are various kinds of pool covers that are different in terms of material, size, thickness, type, and intention. You can buy custom retractable pool enclosures for indoor-outdoor pools.  

The pool cover is exactly what it sounds like: a device like a safety net that covers your pool. This special swimming pool cover is not intended to prevent rubbish or other types of debris.

The main purpose of this special cover for your pool is to provide a barrier between the water in your pool and small children who may walk too close to the edge of the pool and fall accidents.

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Clean pool covers consist of fibers that form a net which, although not dense enough to hold the weight of an adult, will temporarily hold the weight of smaller children. Net openings are small enough so that children will not be able to enter the head or most of its body.

Obviously, the pool cover is not intended to walk or jump over. The main advantage of this type of cover for your swimming pool is that, besides providing a safety barrier for children who may not be able to swim, it is easy to store it.

The mesh pool cover is another type of pool cover which is very popular because it is woven open enough so that water can pass through it but is quite tight so that garbage and debris are clogged so it cannot sink into the pool and "lift" it.

The vinyl pool cover is one of the most expensive types of pool covers on the market today. Pool owners use vinyl pool covers because they can save money on cleaning and heating.