Ensuring The Safety Of The People In General

In our modern world today, crimes are no longer new. In fact, in almost every minute, crime is being committed in the whole world. It is even hard to say how much we are safe since even in our own households crimes are most likely to happen. Criminal justice agencies are very useful in any part of this world for the suppression of any illegal acts.

By definition, crime is an act that is committed or omitted in violation of a public law or statute. It is basically the act of any person which is considered illegal by legal fiction. There are several sources of law where we can find the reason why an act is considered as a crime. Best example is the law or regulation enacted by the government for the benefits of whole country or city.

Being that said, a person committing or had committed the act which is punishable by any regulation is called criminal. The term may be too vulgar to hear or even inappropriate but that is actually the word being used by most countries. In any case, there are also some terms used as an alternative, such as person in conflict with the law or other terms depending on the legislators.

Needless to say, an act is not considered illegal if there is now regulation that says so. In contrast, rules are the one that makes a certain person criminal by doing any act defined as not legal. However, there some instances where there is no need for our legislature to enact any statute just to make a certain act wrong. Like for example killing a person is already considered as inhuman and must be punished even without any statute. But on how the punishment should be done needs some rules and regulations.

An agency that enforces the law, especially criminal, is appointed by the government for purposes of strict implementation of such and of course suppressing unlawful acts. They are responsible on keeping the peace and safety of all citizens. Furthermore, their duty is not only limited to such, they are also tasked in rescuing and helping individuals in times of calamities.

As additional information of those who do not know, a law is actually rules and regulation set forth for the benefits of all. It defines, and makes a certain act as a crime and it also provide for some punishment of such. It must be clearly worded and easy to understand in order to ensure proper implementation. Indeed, an ambiguous provision is considered invalid because of different meanings susceptible to it.

In most jurisdictions, senate or congress is the one who drafts it. After careful deliberation, the draft is submitted to the president for his or her signature. After such process had been fully complied with, the same is to be published and eventually becomes effective on the day provided. There are some countries where system of government is different, in which case the one who drafts the same is another office or group of persons similar to congress.

Needless to say, the reason for implementation of such is to achieve better life to the entire country or even the world. Without rules to follow peace is hard to find since we used to have our own freedom. Indeed, freedom can still be acquired even if there are statutes governing us.

When it comes to our safety, it is not anymore subject for rebuttal that the same is very important. As a matter of fact, strict enforcement is being made sure for the sake of all people. Without such, chaos is most likely to happen and peace will be impossible.