Tips on Picking a Quality Wine for Dinner


Is your date coming over to your house for a romantic dinner? And are you the cook who is going to make sure that the food is delicious? Then you are going to need to pick a good bottle of wine for an amazing experience. Choosing a wine is easy. However, picking one can be a challenge. Here are a few helpful tips that is going to help you to pick a quality bottle of wine and put a smile on your dates face.

  1. Acidic Food Goes Hand-in-Hand with Acidic Wine –If your food is made acidic, then you will definitely need to pick an acidic (medium) bottle of wine. One of the key reasons to avoid picking low acidic wine is that, the flavors do not complement one another. Therefore, for such an occasion, make sure you pick a wine that will make your food taste delicious allowing you to enjoy each other’s company as well.
  2. Salty Food Goes Hand-in-Hand with Sweet Wine – Sweet and salty is one of the best combinations on the planet. Therefore, if you and your date plan to have salty food, then make sure to pick a sweet wine that will allow you to enjoy the flavors inside your mouth.
  3. Fatty Food Goes Hand-in-Hand with Highly Acidic Wine – If you’re going to cook your meal that consists of high amount of fat content, then highly acidic wine is the way to go. For example; steak is known to be wonderful with highly acidic dry wine. Or, you can savor the same wine at the end of the meal with a fatty cheesecake.

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