Augmented Reality- Get Your iPhone Fixed

If your iPhone is broken then the prospect of getting Augmented Reality might be enough of a motive to repair your cellphone quickly rather than making it to the end of the contract. In the meantime, this can be something interesting to think about when your iPhone is broken and to be tried when returning.

For those who don't know what Augmented Reality means, basically, it is anything that involves the inclusion of digital information into real-time and real-world input. So, for example, you might have a camera that you can point to any element in the real world and this will be displayed on the screen of your iPhone. With the Augmented Reality application you might see this by adding details written on the screen to illustrate what you see. You can navigate to get the best guidance on the same. 

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This may seem like a ruse, but when you think of all the possibilities of this application it becomes clear why it creates such excitement.

For example, using Augmented Reality, you can take out your cellphone when you see something you don't understand and get instant information about what it is. See the car you like? Then take out your cellphone, point it at the vehicle, and it will tell you the brand, model, price, and more – maybe with a follow-up link so you can buy yourself. There is already an iPhone application that allows you to hold your iPhone on the highway and then tell you which shops and restaurants you have. This includes applications such as Screen and Wikitude. They might catch on and be very important for our navigation in the real world like Google for our navigation on the internet, and if you have a broken iPhone and don't get your iPhone repair then you won't be able to join in this paradigm shift. 

Meanwhile, there are other interesting uses for Augmented Reality, such as games that require you to hunt for objects that seem to exist in the real world – digital dots on the real world map that when you point your phone at them look like monsters that you can shoot.