Home Video Intercom System

The home video intercom system serves as an extra layer of security and protection for all private residences.

This intercom system is easy to operate – once the visitor presses the bell or bell, the person's image will appear on a compact LCD monitor (often measuring 4-6 inches), which is mounted inside.

This allows the homeowner to see who is calling before answering or communicating with those at the door. This video intercoms are often equipped with two-way audio, so if possible to have a conversation without opening the door.

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Apart from seeing visitors through a special monitor installed on the intercom system, this is also an option to view or playback images recorded via a PC, DVR or TV screen. In addition, for later viewing when it gets dark, some cameras are installed with infrared LEDs for a clear night view.

To protect the actual camera, this camera is often placed in a sturdy outer shell, which aims to protect against changing weather conditions, as well as offering several levels of vandal protection.

Installing one of these intercom systems is a direct project for those who have basic DIY skills. Often, the intercom unit is connected via an existing doorbell cable, and to facilitate installation by the receiver or monitored, this can be mounted on a wall or free-standing on a table. The maximum distance between two different components can range from 90 – 300-feet, so it's important to check this before buying.