Know More About Equine Joint Health

The supplements for joints are classified according to their action. In general, they are classified as nutraceuticals or pharmaceuticals.

Why are joint health supplements necessary for horses?

As humans suffer from the problem of joints, horses face the same problems. Due to the excessive effort of the bones, joints pains occur. You can use different supplements for joint repair in horses via

We can remedy this by using various supplements available on the market. These supplements fall into the category of over-the-counter medications. Before knowing these supplements, it is important to know the cartilaginous tissues.

These are the connective tissues that exist in the joints. It is found in the body until the horse is alive because its growth is endless.

Now, having understood the importance of cartilage, you will understand that without it, the joint function will be difficult in horses. The daily routine of taking supplements for joints will strangely reduce this problem.

Existing products as supplements for joints

Maxima Joint Care is also known as Naturevet or Equine Cosequin. Its main ingredients help in the creation of cartilage and synovial fluid. Do not compare this with antibiotics such as NSAIDs and steroids because it is a supplement and not a drug.

It is an amazing amalgamation of essential elements such as chondroitin, manganese ascorbate and glucosamine.