How Oil-Free Air Compressing System Works?

Oil-free air compressing system is extensively used in industrial applications, for the level of security and efficiency they offer. However, they are also used in and around homes, because they are flexible and convenient to use.

As oil-free units compress the air with the help of screws, they have a lower discharge pressure than the air conditioning system, which uses oil for compression. You can know right ‘compressor offer’ (which is also called kompressor tilbud in the Norwegian language) online.

Multistage oil-free compressors often use multiple screws to make them reach maximum pressure depleted, covering more than 57 cubic meters per minute. Dehumidification and cooling system is also used for research purposes and the production of semiconductors, this app does not allow oil aerated to carry-over.


Oil-free compressed air systems are less durable than those that use oil. However, the quality of maintenance can increase the life of the system, so it lasts for oil-based. The power consumption of the air dehumidification system depends on the model you choose. A smaller system will use less power than the larger system. As speed is mostly oil-free compressor models can be arranged, it also helps in controlling the amount of energy consumed.

Before choosing a unit compressing the air, it is always advisable to research on models of different brands on the market. You can also seek the advice of an expert as a compressor that you choose should best meet your needs.