Difference between Certification and Certificate Program


Although these 2 words may sound the same to you, they are however, quite different to one another. In the words of lay man terms; certificate is the learning event while certification is the testing event and these 2 are totally different to one another. If you wish to know the differences, here are a few ones between the two.

Certificate Program – A certificate program is the event of knowledge getting transferred during the course. The certificate program is all about developing skills which will be used when you are on the field working. This type of program helps the individual to do different things in real-time scenarios. Some of the advantages of certificate program include the following –

  • Increase your network by meeting new people.
  • During a debate, ideas and tools can be exchanged giving you the opportunity to meet new people.
  • During the certificate program, many participants come to an agreement during the debate event and is considered to be valuable to all.

Certification Program – Compared to certificate program, certification programs are different. Such programs require giving an exam by an individual via testing event. The event is all about understanding the individual’s knowledge and ideas based on a particular topic that will lead to getting an approved stamp. On completion of certification program, it offers a proof that the individual has the proper knowledge depending on his or her field of interest.

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